how to draw baby jesus


How to Draw Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus is a wondrous figure that has captivated all kinds of audiences throughout the centuries. Whether you’re a skilled artist wanting to draw a beautiful portrait, or a beginner curious to create a likeness of this timeless figure, here’s how to draw him step-by-step.

Step One: Sketch a Head Shape

Begin by lightly sketching an oval as the shape of the baby Jesus’ head. Draw two centimeters above the oval and sketch two slightly curved lines to mark the position of the eyes. Slightly below these lines, draw two more curved lines to indicate the position of the eyes.

Step Two: Fill in the Details

Fill in the details of Jesus’ face. Carve out space for two almond-shaped eyes, complete with pupils, lashes, and eyebrows. In the middle of the oval, draw a small nose and a lightly curved line for the mouth. Give the hair a soft look with short and chaotic curved lines.

Step Three: Draw the Robe

A baby Jesus drawing would not be complete without a robe. Start by sketching the basic shape of the dress with a curved line that extends below the oval of the head. Then, lightly sketch two curved lines extending from the middle of the dress to define the folds of the garment.

Step Four: Finish with Colors

Colors are key to making a beautiful baby Jesus drawing come alive. Give the hair a dark color and the robe a light color. Use warm colors for the face to bring out the warmth and gentleness of the figure.

Tips and Tricks

  • Perspective: Expand your drawing by adding objects in the background, such as a cow, an angel, and some hay.
  • Fine-tuning: Use a pencil to refine, define, or add more details to your baby Jesus drawing.
  • Colors: Experiment with color combinations to create a unique and personal artwork.

Drawing Baby Jesus can be a fun and creative task for anyone interested in art. Just keep in mind these easy steps and you will have a beautiful, timeless artwork sure to captivate the hearts of many.