how to escape a sinking car with a baby


Escaping a Sinking Car with a Baby

When faced with a car sinking into water, it is important to act quickly if you and your baby are to escape the danger. Here are some steps for safely getting out of a sinking car:

Safety Measures Before Entering a Car

  • Check for theft-deterrent devices. These can help reduce the chances of your car slipping into water or mud when parked. This is helpful especially if you are planning to park near water.
  • Check for water-resistant windows. If your car windows are water-resistant, you increase your chances of staying safe in the event of an emergency.

If Your Car Begins to Sink

  • Stay calm. This is vital – act fast but keep your composure. Panic can impair your judgment and cause further delay.
  • Keep your baby with you. Take your baby in your arms. If the seatbelt is buttoned and is not causing the baby any discomfort, you can leave it on until you get out.
  • If possible, open a door. Open one of the doors and get out as quickly as you can. The water pressure may make it difficult to open the doors so act fast.
  • Get to higher ground. If the car is in shallow water, you can wade your way through until you reach higher ground. Move quickly but keep in mind that your baby needs special attention.

After Escaping

After escaping, check if you or your baby is injured or needs medical attention. If you or your baby is hurt, call for help immediately. If you are uninjured, stay in a safe place and call the authorities.

With the basic steps outlined above, you and your baby should be able to escape from a sinking car in the safest manner possible. Remember: act fast but stay calm.