how to fold baby socks



How To Fold Baby Socks

Having trouble folding up your little one’s small socks? We got you covered! Here’s how to fold baby socks:

Step 1: Place the sock on a flat surface

Lay the sock down inside out on a flat surface. Make sure the heel of the sock is facing the top.

Step 2: Fold the Middle

Fold the sock in half, bringing the toes upward and the heel downward.

Step 3: Roll the Sleeve

Begin to roll the sock by bringing the heel of the sock towards the toes and then folding up the socks.

Try to roll it tightly and as far up as you can, until the top of the sock appears.

Step 4: Flip the Rolled Sock

Flip the sock so that the toes now face out and the heel faces outward. Then, you may continue to roll the socks until they are completely rolled up.

Finishing Touches

To maximize the organization of your baby’s socks, you can logically divide them and then place them into a drawer, basket or bin. We recommend going the extra mile and:

    • Arranging socks by type and size


    • Using a special sock clips to attach the two socks together


  • Organizing them in categories of colors and patterns

Now you know how to fold baby socks, helping you to save some time on laundry and keep your baby’s socks tidy and organized.