how to fold baby socks


How to Fold Baby Socks

Taking care of baby clothes is as much a skill as everything else that comes with taking care of a baby. Folding the miniature clothes is a different game to the usual household loads of laundry. Here is a guide to follow for neatly and efficiently folding baby socks—specifically, baby crew socks.

Step 1: Gather

Gather all of the baby socks for folding, but try not to mix the sizes or genders.

Step 2: Sort by Color and Type

Sort the baby socks by color to make it easier to match them together in the future. Once they’re sorted by color, divide them by type (crew socks, ankle socks, etc.).

Step 3: Match Socks

Matching the baby socks is the most important part of folding them. Start by matching each individual pair by color, and then make all of the matching pairs and set them aside.

Step 4: Fold and Roll

To fold the baby