how to get a baby to drink from a straw


How to Get a Baby to Drink From a Straw

Using a straw can help your baby learn to master their sipping skills, which can be beneficial for their oral development. Here are some easy steps you can take to help your baby drink from a straw:

Step 1: Start Early

It’s best to start getting your baby accustomed to using a straw as soon as they are developmentally ready. This could be as early as six months old.

Step 2: Introduce the Straw Gradually

Try introducing the straw gradually when they are first learning it. You can do this by letting them start by first putting the straw in their mouth and then sucking or just by exploring the straw.

Step 3: Offer Fluids in a Straw Cup

Once your baby has become accustomed to the straw, you can start offering fluids in a straw cup. This can help them develop the sucking action that is used when drinking from a straw.

Step 4: Provide Plenty of Practice

It is important to give your baby plenty of practice using the straw. Be sure to offer different types of fluids in the straw cup to ensure your baby is interested in using the straw regularly.

Step 5: Reward Your Baby

As with any new skill, rewarding your baby for successfully completing a task is important. You could offer a treat such as a piece of fruit or small toy when they are able to drink from a straw successfully.


By following these steps and providing plenty of practice, you can help your baby get comfortable with drinking from a straw. This can help them develop healthy sipping skills and will make feeding time easier (and less messy) for you both.