how to get baby to connect sleep cycles



How to Get Baby to Connect Sleep Cycles

The early days of parenthood are filled with surprises, but none can be quite as shocking as the dramatic changes to your sleep cycles! You may feel like you’ll never get back to ‘normal’ again. But luckily, there are techniques that you can use to help your baby – and you – connect sleep cycles and get back to a better sleeping situation.

Tips for Sleep Training Your Baby


    • Know Your Baby’s Sleep Window. Every baby is different, but taking note of the times your baby is most likely to be tired and sleep can help you plan naps and bedtimes.


    • Create a Clear Bedtime Routine. Establishing a clear, calm bedtime routine – including simple tasks like baths, stories, and cuddles – can help your baby understand when it’s time to sleep.


    • Be Consistent. The more consistent you are in enforcing bedtimes and waking times, the quicker your little one will learn to connect their rest cycles.


    • Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment. Make sure you create a sleeping environment for your baby that is dark and slightly cool, helping them to settle down for sleep and naturally connect their sleep cycles.


The Benefits of Connecting Sleep Cycles

When your baby’s sleep cycles connect, it not only means your baby is getting better sleep, it also means you can reclaim some of your lost energy! A regular bedtime and a consistent wake-time make it much easier to plan activities and errands during the day, leaving you with more energy to take care of your little one.

Better sleep may also boost your baby’s mental and physical development. Connected sleep cycles help provide a stable, well-rested environment for your baby to learn and grow.


It can take a little bit of work and patience, but there are techniques you can use to help your baby connect their sleep cycles. As a result, everybody in your household should be able to get the rest they need!