how to get baby to take pacifier at 2 months




At two months old, babies are usually just starting to learn how to latch onto a pacifier. They may not be able to hold it in place for long and might spit it out often. There are many tips and tricks you can use to help your baby take the pacifier, and here are a few.

Switching Sides

To help your baby learn to take to the pacifier, try switching sides each time you offer it to them. This helps the baby to avoid associating the pacifier with a particular feeling, such as hunger or pain. When the baby is accustomed to taking the pacifier from different sides, it will become much easier for them to take it.

Introduce Early

Introducing the pacifier as soon as possible will help your baby get used to the idea. If your baby doesn’t take it right away, don’t worry. They can get used to it over time. Keep introducing it at regular intervals and they should eventually take to it.

Experiment With Different Pacifier Styles

Different babies have different preferences, so it is best to experiment with different pacifier styles to find what your baby likes best. Some babies prefer the traditional style, while others may prefer a pacifier with a flat base or a pacifier with a rattle or other noise making element.

Sucking Training

Sucking training can help babies learn how to properly latch onto a pacifier. You can do this by gently massaging the baby’s lips and cheeks and then slowly introducing the pacifier. This helps to teach the baby the proper motion for sucking on a pacifier.

Coping With Spit-Outs

It is normal for the baby to spit out the pacifier, especially when they are still getting used to it. To help make sure the baby doesn’t get frustrated, you can use a few strategies:

    • Introduce a song or ritual when offering the pacifier.


    • Offer the pacifier again after a few seconds to remind the baby it’s there.


    • Reward the baby with a kiss or cuddle each time they take the pacifier.



Getting a baby to take a pacifier at two months can be an uphill battle, but it can be done! Be patient and try different techniques to help your baby become accustomed to the pacifier. The effort will be worth it in the end!