how to get baby to use straw


Using a Straw to Introduce Drinking With Cuteness

Giving a baby a straw to drink with is not only healthier, it’s also very cute and fun! Below are some simple steps to get your baby straw-ready.

1. Introduce the Concept of Drinking With a Straw

The first step in introducing a straw is to familiarize your baby with what a straw is, and how it is used. For example, you can show your baby how you drink using a straw. It won’t take them long to start drinking with it by themselves.

2. Pick the Right Straw

When picking the right straw for your baby, look for child-safe materials. BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic straws are ideal, as they are safe for consumption. And don’t forget to pick a size that is comfortable yet wide enough for your baby to easily drink from.

3. No Pressure

It’s important to remember that using a straw is a skill and it takes time and practice. Don’t pressure your baby, if it doesn’t come easily at first, rather build up their confidence and slowly introduce a straw.

4. Have Fun!

Using a straw can be a fun and interactive experience. You can add different flavors and colors to the liquids. And use multi-colored straws for more fun!

5. Always Supervise

As with any activity involving liquids and infants, always supervise and make sure that your baby is safe.


Introducing a straw in your baby’s life is both healthy and fun! We hope this article was helpful as a guide to get your baby straw-ready. Have fun and stay safe!