how to get gear 2 in a one piece game


How to Get Gear 2 in a One Piece Game

One Piece is an incredibly popular anime and manga series that has sparked multiple video games. Players can find themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters and take part in a range of pirate-style adventures. One of the pieces of equipment that players can get in game is gear 2, which enables players to increase their attack power and speed. But how do you get gear 2 in a One Piece game? Let’s take a look!


  • Progress Through the Story – In most cases, progressing through the main story will eventually reward the player with a piece of gear 2 gear. It may not be the most appealing method, but if you want the gear quickly it is the best way.
  • Look for Side Quests – Many One Piece games contain side quests that can be completed in order to gain rewards such as gear 2. These quests are often hidden away and require players to explore the world in order to find and complete them.
  • Purchase from Merchants – Some games feature merchants which can be visited in order to buy items. Usually these items are not as effective as those acquired through other methods, but they can help give players an edge in difficult battles.
  • Grind for Resources – Some games will reward players with resources such as gold and gems for completing battles or quests. With these resources, they can be used to purchase gear 2 from vendors or craft it using special items or recipes.


  • Be sure to explore Caves and Dungeons- Caves and Dungeons often contain hidden secrets which can grant the player special items. Keep an eye out for these areas as you progress through the game.
  • Make use of Cheat Codes- Cheat codes can be used to gain access to special items or equipment. However, the codes typically only work on certain versions of a game, so be sure to check which one you are playing before attempting to use them.
  • Grind for Greens- Greens are special items that can be farmed or found in the world. These items can be used to craft gear 2, or traded to certain vendors for currency.


With these strategies and tips in mind, completing the quest for gear 2 should be a breeze! Follow the steps outlined above and you will soon have all the gear 2 you need for your One Piece adventure. Good luck!