how to get legendary gear gotham knights


How to Get Legendary Gear in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is one of the most popular role-playing video games in the world. Players take on the role of a vigilante and fight crime in the crime-infested city of Gotham. One of the biggest rewards for completing the game is the legendary gear that can be obtained throughout the game.

Where to Get Legendary Gear

The best way to get Legendary Gear is to collect the special item from defeated enemies and bosses. Once these items have been collected, they can be broken down into their component parts, which can then be used to purchase Legendary Gear from the merchants located around Gotham.

In addition to purchasing gear from merchants, players can also get Legendary Gear from special events and challenges. Players can earn rewards such as rare items or special gear pieces by taking part in these special events or by completing a set number of challenges.

Tips for Getting Legendary Gear

  • Fight High Level Enemies– The best way to get Legendary Gear is to fight difficult enemies or bosses. These enemies and bosses will often drop high-level gear which can then be broken down into its component parts.
  • Get to Know the Merchants – Getting to know the featured merchants in Gotham can be beneficial as some may have better deals or rare items that can be bought.
  • Take Part in Events and Challenges – The best way to get Legendary Gear is to take part in special events and complete a set number of challenges. These events and challenges will often reward players with rare and powerful loot.

Following these tips and making sure to break down every item that is obtained from enemies and bosses will greatly increase the player’s chances of getting Legendary Gear. With a little patience and dedication, any player can become a hero of Gotham and obtain the best gear the city has to offer.