how to get legendary gear gotham knights


Steps To Obtain Legendary Gear In Gotham Knights

1. Explore Wayne Tower

The Wayne Tower is the best place to start your legendary gear hunt in Gotham Knights. Inside the tower, you’ll find a variety of challenge rooms designed to help you improve your combat skills. As you complete these challenges, you’ll earn coins which can then be used to upgrade your character’s equipment.

2. Collect Bat Badges

Whenever you complete a mission within the game, you are rewarded with Bat Badges. These badges can be used to purchase legendary gear from the Bat Computer in Wayne Tower. Additionally, you can sell your badges for coins, allowing you to buy more powerful weapons and armor.

3. Complete Main Story Missions

As you progress through the game’s main story missions, you’ll have access to some of the most powerful weapons and armor in the game. These items are essential to your success in Gotham Knights and make it easier to defeat various enemies.

4. Look for Deluxe Editions

If you pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of Gotham Knights, you’ll find several legendary weapons and armor pieces included in the package. These include the Batclaw, Batarang, and Bat-Pack.

5. Beat All Side Operations

Each Side Operation contains powerful gear that is not accessible in the main story. As you complete these missions, you’ll be rewarded with powerful legendary gear which will give you an edge against your enemies in the game.

6. Defeat Bosses

Whenever you defeat a boss in Gotham Knights, you will be rewarded with powerful gear. This gear includes legendary weapons and armor which will help you fight against the toughest of enemies.


Gotham Knights offers a variety of challenges and rewards for those willing to do the work. By exploring Wayne Tower and completing the main story missions, you can obtain some of the most powerful and legendary gear in the game. Additionally, by completing Side Operations and defeating bosses, you can earn even more powerful gear. So good luck and happy gear hunting!