how to get replica field marshal gear


Getting the Look of a Field Marshal Commander

When it comes to military-inspired fashion, details matter. Getting the look of an authentic Field Marshal can be hard to replicate, but with a bit of help, it can easily be achieved. Here’s how to do it:

Choose the Right Replica Gear

The first step is to choose the right replica gear. You’ll need to look for pieces that resemble the style of a genuine Field Marshal Commander. Look for items with gold accents such as epaulettes and aiguillette, and the traditional red sash with gold fringing. A Field Marshal’s costume can include these:

  • Jacket: Blue, with gold braid, eight gold buttons, dual pocket flaps, and epaulettes with fringe.
  • Trousers: Grey with a bar of vertical stripes on each side, and matching loops with gold buttons.
  • Hat: Black, with a gold aiguillette hanging from the left side.
  • Sash: Red, with gold fringe.
  • Military Style Leather Shoes: Black, with two gold buckles.

Find an Authentic Military Store

Once you’ve identified the pieces you need, you’ll need to find an authentic military store that has the replica Field Marshal gear that you’re looking for. It’s important to source from a reputable retailer as replica pieces can vary significantly in quality and details.

Final Touches

Once you have all the pieces, it’s time to put your ensemble together. Have a tailor make final adjustments for a perfect fit. To really bring the look together, finish with a pair of leather gloves, a faded red sash, and a black military hat.

By taking the steps outlined here, anyone can get the iconic Field Marshal look and be mistaken for the real deal. With care and attention to detail, you can instantly upgrade your wardrobe and be the envy of all your friends.