How to Get the Toast Baby of Your Dreams in Who’s Your Daddy



How to Get the Toast Baby of Your Dreams in Who’s Your Daddy


Who’s Your Daddy is a popular game that pits a father against his baby. The goal of the game is to protect the baby from harm while the father attempts to complete various tasks. One of the most sought-after babies in the game is the Toast Baby. This guide will provide you with the steps to get your own Toast Baby.

Step 1: Get the Toast Baby Mod

  • Download the Toast Baby mod from a reputable website.
  • Install the mod on your computer.
  • Launch the game with the mod enabled.

Step 2: Choose the Toast Baby

  • When you start a new game, you will be prompted to select a baby.
  • Choose the Toast Baby from the list of available babies.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Toast Baby!

  • Once you have chosen the Toast Baby, you can start playing the game.
  • The Toast Baby will be the one you must protect from harm.
  • Have fun and enjoy your Toast Baby!


Getting the Toast Baby of your dreams in Who’s Your Daddy is easy! All you need to do is download and install the Toast Baby mod, choose the Toast Baby when starting a new game, and enjoy your new baby!