how to get tier 2 gear lost ark


How to Get Tier 2 Gear in Lost Ark

Do you want to unlock more powerful gear in Lost Ark? Here is a guide on how to get Tier 2 gear!

1. Reach Level 25

The first step to getting Tier 2 gear is to reach level 25 in the game. Once you reach level 25, you will be able to buy the Tier 2 set through the Lost Ark market.

2. Unlock Blueprints

Once you have reached level 25, you need to unlock blueprints for the Tier 2 gear from dungeons. You can find dungeons that have blueprints for Tier 2 gear in various locations throughout the game.

3. Collect Materials

Once you have unlocked the blueprints, it’s time to collect the materials needed to craft the Tier 2 gear. You can find these materials from monsters and dungeons, and you can also purchase some materials from the Lost Ark market.

4. Craft the Gear

Once you have all the materials, you can craft the Tier 2 gear at the Alchemist Station. The process of crafting the gear is fairly straightforward. Simply select the blueprint and the materials and hit the craft button.

5. Upgrade the Gear

Once you have crafted the Tier 2 gear, it’s time to upgrade it. To upgrade the gear, you need to visit the Alchemist Station and select the upgrade option. You will need materials and coins to upgrade the gear to higher tiers.

Once you have followed these steps, you will have the Tier 2 gear you need to progress further in Lost Ark. Good luck and happy adventuring!