how to get vaseline out of baby hair



How to Get Vaseline Out of Baby Hair

It can be distressing when you’ve got Vaseline stuck in your baby’s hair or on their skin. Luckily, it’s not too complicated to remove Vaseline and it’s easy to do safely.

Things You Need


    • A mild, hypoallergenic baby shampoo


    • A fine-toothed comb


    • Cotton balls


    • Non-baby oil (such as vegetable, canola or corn oil


Steps to Follow


    • Prepare the hair: Before you get to work, brush your baby’s hair with a fine-toothed comb to detangle any knots and get rid of any loose hairs.


    • Gently apply shampoo: Next, use a mild, hypoallergenic baby shampoo and gently massage it into the scalp and hair, taking care to avoid getting it in the eyes. Rinse away with lukewarm water.


    • Apply oil: After the shampoo, rub a few drops of vegetable, canola, or corn oil into the affected areas. This will help to break down the Vaseline.


    • Comb: Then, use the fine-toothed comb to comb through the hair, loosening up the Vaseline as you go.


  • Rinse with shampoo again: Finally, rinse away with a bit of shampoo and lukewarm water. If there is any remaining residue, apply some oil and use the cotton balls to wipe away the excess.

With these easy steps, you can quickly and safely remove Vaseline from your baby’s hair and scalp. Remember to be gentle and take care around their eyes, and if you need to, you can always repeat the process.