how to help a gassy baby sleep



Helping a Gassy Baby Sleep

If your baby is experiencing uncomfortable gas or soreness, it can make falling asleep difficult, leaving your baby cranky and you exhausted from lack of sleep. Here you’ll find tips on how to help your gassy baby sleep peacefully and restfully.

Create a Calming Environment

Creating a calm, comfortable environment is crucial when you’re trying to help your baby sleep through the night. This can include having:

    • Low lights


    • Soft music


    • A comfortable temperature



Consider a Pacifier

A pacifier can act as something for your baby to suck on, which may help comfort them. When your baby feels comforted, it can help them relax and fall asleep.

Help Your Baby Release Air

By gently rubbing your baby’s tummy and lifting their legs while they are lying on their back, you can help your baby release any built-up gas in their body. Burping after they eat will also help.

Offer Extra Comfort

An easy way to make your baby more comfortable is to swaddle wraps, or give them a gentle massage. Rubbing soothing lotion on their stomach can also help them feel relaxed and facilitate sleep.

Following these tips will help soothe your infant and facilitate a peaceful sleep for all. You may not get a full night’s sleep all at once, but with patience and love, you can help your gassy baby at least get some rest.