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Hiding Gear In Warcraft: How To Successfully Conceal Your Items

Hiding your gear in Warcraft can be a tricky process – but if done right, you can conceal yourself and your precious possessions. Here, we provide a simple and straightforward guide on how to easily conceal your items in the World of Warcraft.

1. Obtain Appropriate Gear

First and foremost, the obvious step is to obtain the appropriate gear. There are a range of different items you can use, with the most popular being:

  • Camouflage clothing – these are great for concealing your body, making it harder for other players to spot you.
  • Invisibility cloaks – these are an excellent choice for disappearing off the map, hiding you from other players.
  • Stealth shields – these are good for dispersing your equipment, making it harder for players to detect.

2. Stock Up On Potions and Scrolls

Another way to keep your items hidden is to stock up on potions and scrolls. These can be used to give your gear an extra layer of concealment; there are many different types to choose from, and each one provides a different level of protection.

  • Invisibility Potions – these are great for making you and your gear undetectable.
  • Blur Scrolls – these are great for making your gear blend in with the environment, making it less visible.
  • Cloaking Scrolls – these are great for hiding your equipment from other players, making them hard to locate.

3. Breakup Your Gear

Another great way to keep your gear hidden is to break it up into smaller parts. This can help to disguise it, making it harder for other players to locate and identify. You can do this by either breaking up the pieces and storing them separately, or simply hiding the parts in different locations.

4. Utilize The Map System

Finally, a great way to keep your gear hidden is to utilize the map system in the World of Warcraft. By doing this, you can easily track your items and know exactly where they are located, making them a lot harder for other players to find.


Keeping your gear hidden in Warcraft can be tricky, but it is definitely possible. With the right items, potions, and strategies, you can successfully conceal your gear and keep your items safe from prying eyes.