how to increase gear score lost ark


Tips for Increasing Gear Score in Lost Ark

Playing Lost Ark can be a challenge. Increase your gear score with these simple tips:

1. Gear Up

Choose the best equipment for your class and maximize your gear score. This means replacing weaker gear with stronger gear, such as:

  • Weapons: Upgrade weapons as often as possible to get the highest damage output.
  • Armor: Upgrade armor to its maximum level to reduce the damage you take.
  • Trinkets: Upgrade trinkets to their maximum level for both defensive and offensive purposes.

2. Enhance Gear

Once you have your gear, you will want to enhance it. Enhance your weapons, armor and trinkets to increase their gear score. This can be done by using gear enhancement materials, which can be purchased at certain vendors.

3. Take Part in Special Events

Lost Ark offers special events throughout the year. Take part in these events to acquire better gear and increase your gear score. Special events often offer higher quality gear that can help you reach your gear score goal.

4. Join a Guild

Joining a guild can be a great way to increase your gear score. Guilds often have access to better gear, which can help you reach higher gear score goals. Additionally, many guilds have special events and dungeons that offer unique gear that can help you reach even higher gear score goals.

5. Play on Hard Mode

Playing on Hard Mode is the most difficult way to increase your gear score, but it also the most rewarding. Hard Mode offers higher quality gear and better rewards, so if you are looking to really increase your gear score this is the way to go.

By utilizing these tips and following a proper gear upgrading pathway, you can easily increase your gear score in Lost Ark. Good luck!