how to keep baby cool in stroller



How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller

As parents, it’s essential to keep our babies cool when they are outside during the summer. The last thing you want is your little one to overheat and get dizzy, so here are some tips on how to keep your baby cool in their stroller.

Stay in the Shade

Head for the shade. Try to keep your stroller in the shade of trees or buildings. Not only will this keep your baby from melting in the sun, but from dangerous UV rays.

Cool Accessories

There are a few accessories that can help keep your baby cool. Stroller parasols are designed to block the sun from your baby and feature UV protection. Additionally, the material shields the baby from wind and rain. Stroller fans are also helpful. Just make sure not to set the strength to “high,” which can be too strong and blow away the umbrella!


Some fabrics are better than others when dealing with hot summer days. Choose loose clothing made of natural fibers. Denim or wool can be very uncomfortable when it’s hot. Opt for lightweight, breathable materials like organic cotton and bamboo. And don’t forget the hat!

Drink Up

Make sure your little one has enough water to keep them hydrated. You can pack a sippy cup or get creative and keep a thermos of water in the baby’s stroller. This can help keep your baby cool with a refreshing drink!

Here are some more tips to keep your baby cool and comfortable in their stroller:

    • Bring along a cool, damp cloth. There are many ways to keep an extra cloth handy. You can put a handkerchief inside a zip-lock bag and store it in the stroller or keep it in an ice pack. Roam around and dab your little one’s face and arms with the damp cloth every now and then.
    • Store your water bottle in the cooler. This can help keep the water cold throughout your outing.
    • Open the windows. If your stroller is window-ventilated, use it to your advantage!
    • Hang a wet towel. Hang a damp towel near the stroller and let it act as a cooling fan.


These tips can help you keep your baby cool and comfortable on hot days. Just remember to keep your little one in the shade, provide them with the appropriate clothing, and offer plenty of fluids. Don’t forget to bring a cooling cloth or fan to give your baby a mini air-conditioning system while they are outdoors!