how to keep baby warm in snoo


How to Keep Your Baby Warm in a SNOO

Every parent wants their baby to be safe and warm, but especially so when they’re in a SNOO. With all of the new technology that SNOO brings, it can be easy to forget the basics of keeping your baby at the right temperature while they sleep. Here are some tips to keep your little one warm and comfortable while they are in their SNOO.

Layering Techniques

Layering is essential to keeping your baby warm enough while in the SNOO. Make sure your baby wears multiple layers under the SNOO sack, avoiding bulky sweaters and cotton fabrics, such as sweatshirts and hoodies. Instead, opt for a footed onesie, lightweight pants and a long-sleeved shirt. To top it off, tuck a muslin blanket under the mattress sheet and around the mattress. This will provide a breathable layer between the mattress and your baby, thus keeping them nice and toasty.

Opt for the Right SNOO Sack

When selecting a SNOO sack, parents should choose the appropriately sized one for their baby. Following the weight and age guidelines provided is paramount to keeping your baby warm and safe. In addition to the right size, parents should opt for a SNOO sack made of breathable material instead of one with heavy wool or thick fabrics. These can trap heat and cause your little one to become uncomfortable and hot.

Check Temperature Routinely

Temperature levels may vary from day to day, so parents should be checking their baby’s SNOO temperature at least once a day. In order to do this, unzip the SNOO sack and put your hand to the back of baby’s neck, if the skin feels cool to the touch, the are most likely too cold. If your hand feels hot, they are most likely too warm.

It is important to note that SNOO is designed to keep your baby at the right temperature. However, you should remember that as they grow, their needs will also change. Following these tips will ensure your little one stays comfortable and warm while in their SNOO.

Your baby’s safety and comfort should be your number one priority, and using the SNOO properly can help you do just that.