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How to Terminate a Pregnancy

Ending a pregnancy before it reaches full term can be a difficult and trying time for anyone involved. There are several options available for terminating a pregnancy and the best option for you will depend on a few factors including how far along the pregnancy is, your health and the resources available for you.

Terminating a Pregnancy Early

    • Medical Abortion: During the first trimester, a woman can choose to medically terminate the pregnancy by taking a pill, or in some cases two. The pill is known as mifepristone and blocks the hormone progesterone which is needed to maintain a pregnancy. The pill usually needs to be accompanied by a second pill called misoprostol in order to ensure that the pregnancy is terminated, and this is taken 1-2 days later. This is the most common method of medical abortion available.


    • Surgical Abortion: If a woman chooses to end the pregnancy surgically, a procedure is done in a clinic by a trained professional to open the cervix and remove the pregnancy from the uterus. This is required to be done after the first trimester, and the farther along the pregnancy the more complicated the procedure can become.


Risks andAfter-Effects

No matter the option chosen to terminate a pregnancy, there is a risk of serious side effects such as infection, bleeding, and in extreme cases, even death. Choose medical professionals with experience in preforming this type of procedure, and be sure to understand the risks in doing so.

Emotional After-EffectsChances are, this has been a difficult decision and there may be a lot of emotions experienced after the procedure. While some women may feel relief, others may feel sadness, depression, guilt, or even denial. No matter the emotions felt, it is important to take care of yourself. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel and don’t be afraid to seek out professional counseling and advice.

When making the decision to terminate a pregnancy, it is important to discuss all of the available options with a healthcare provider and to feel comfortable with the decision you make. Terminating a pregnancy is a very personal choice and ultimately, only you can make the right choice for yourself.