how to label baby bottles


How to Label Baby Bottles

It is easy to get caught up in the joys of motherhood, but even with all of the excitement, one of the more important aspects to being a new parent is making sure you are taking the best care of your baby. One way to ensure that your baby’s health is always a priority is to make sure you are labeling their belongings, especially their bottles, properly. Labeling your baby’s bottles can give you peace of mind that your little one is not consuming anybody else’s milk and is getting the freshest, cleanest bottles available.

Items Needed:

  • Permanent markers
  • Baby bottles
  • Labels
  • Scissors


  • For those who would prefer to use permanent markers, you can label your baby’s bottles directly by writing down their name directly onto the bottle with the marker.
  • If you would rather use and adhere labels to the bottles, you can use the labels you have purchased or make them yourself with a packet of labels.
  • If you are creating your own labels or using pre-made labels, make sure the labels are long enough to wrap around the bottle and not easily fall off.
  • Make the labels big enough so they can be read easily and not fall off in the washing machine.
  • Once you have your labels all set, you can begin to affix them to your baby bottles. If you have picked up pre-made labels, all you have to do is peel off the backing and wrap the labels around the bottles smoothly.
  • If you are making your own labels, simply write down your baby’s information, cut the labels to size, and fasten them with transparent tape.
  • Cleaning and labeling your baby’s bottles after every use is essential in maintaining the hygiene of your little one. Bring your labeled bottles to healthcare facilities to ensure that your baby’s health is always in check, and to make it easier to keep track of his/her belongings.

Labeling your baby’s bottles with their name and other relevant information can help ensure their safety in any situation. With the steps outlined above, you can confidently care for your child knowing that their bottles are properly labeled and identified.

Happy parenting!