how to make baby head support for car seat



How to Make a Baby Head Support for a Car Seat

It’s essential to have head support for babies and toddlers that are riding in a car seat, as it helps keep their head up and protected in the case of an accident. To save money, here’s how you can easily make your own baby head support for your car seat with just a few household items.

Things You Will Need:

    • Measuring tape


    • Scissors


    • Ruler


    • 2 yards of fabric, in the choice of your color


    • 1 package of 1-inch wide elastic


    • Pins


    • Thread


    • Sewing machine



    1. Measure around your baby’s head. Make sure to add a few inches to the circumference so that the support will stay put.
    2. Using a ruler, draw out a rectangle measuring the circumference of your baby’s head plus the extra inches, by 12 inches. Cut the fabric to your desired shape.
    3. Fold the edges of the fabric ½ inch towards the wrong side of the fabric and pin it down.
    4. Cut a length of 1-inch wide elastic that is equal in length to the circumference of your baby’s head plus 3 inches.
    5. Place the wrong sides of the fabric together, pin it down and stitch along the edges.
    6. Sew one end of the elastic onto the rectangle using a zigzag stitch, at the top and bottom edges. Pull the elastic as you sew, to make sure it’s secure.
    7. Turn the support cover inside out and slip it over your baby’s car seat headrest.
    8. Secure the elastic around the headrest by stitching it to the cover with a zigzag stitch.



Making your own baby head support for your car seat is not only very easy to do, but it’s also very cost-effective. All the materials needed are available at most craft stores and it will take around 15 minutes to put it together.