How to Master the Art of Toasting Your Baby in ‘Who’s Your Daddy’: A Step-by-Step Guide!


If you’re a fan of the video game ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ and you’re looking to improve your skills in toasting, look no further! Toasting has become a popular feature in the game and mastering the technique requires practice and patience. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through the process of toasting your baby and teach you how to be a pro at it.

Preparing for Toasting

Before you begin, it’s important to prepare yourself with the right items and familiarize yourself with the maps. You should choose a map that has a toaster and select the correct items for toasting. Have a baby bottle, sleeping pills, a hammer, knife, pills, and battery in your arsenal so you’re ready to start the toasting process.

Beginning the Toasting Process

Once you’ve selected the right map and items, it’s time to begin the toasting process. Start by locating the baby and grabbing it. Next, find the toaster and insert the baby. Make sure you’ve got the right angle to put the baby in.

Toasting to Perfection

Setting the time for the toaster is critical for good results. The ideal time for toasting is 3 seconds, but some players prefer longer or shorter times depending on their preferences. Keep a close eye on the toaster and make sure to remove the baby before it gets burnt.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Playing with the baby is a fun part of the game. Make it more entertaining by using the items in your arsenal. For example, try giving the baby sleeping pills or playing with a hammer. Additionally, customizing the game settings according to your preferences will make the game more enjoyable.


Toasting is an art and mastering it requires skill and knowledge. With this step-by-step guide, you’re now equipped to become an expert at toasting your baby in ‘Who’s Your Daddy.’ So grab your toasters and get started!