how to pronounce baby


How to Pronounce Baby

Learning how to properly pronounce the word “baby” is an important skill for anybody studying English. Here is a quick guide to help you get started:


The word “baby” is two syllables. The emphasized syllable in the word is the first one.

The Vowels

The vowels in the word are a, e, and y. The a and e are both pronounced with a short sound, and the y is pronounced with a long sound.


The consonants in the word are b and y. The b is pronounced like the p sound in the words pie and pot. The y is pronounced like the e sound in the word yes.

Tips For Pronouncing “Baby”

To help you pronounce the word correctly, here are a few tips:

  • Focus on emphasizing the first syllable, which is the most important.
  • Practice saying it in different contexts, like a sentence or phrase.
  • Make sure to pronounce the “b” like a “p” and the “y” like an “e”.

By following these steps and with enough practice, you will be able to confidently pronounce the word “baby”.