how to save baby teeth for stem cells at home



How to Save Baby Teeth for Stem Cells at Home

Stem cells found in baby teeth can be used to treat a range of medical conditions and provide regenerative treatments in the future. Harvesting baby teeth can provide parents and carers with the opportunity to save stem cells for later use, although the process may seem intimidating and complex in theory. In reality, however, it is possible to save stem cells for stem cell banking at home.

Step by Step Guide to Stem Cell Banking for Baby Teeth

1. Choose a collection method

    • You have a few choices when it comes to collecting baby teeth for stem cell banking, including:


    • Collecting and storing the whole tooth.


    • Collecting and sending a piece of the household toothbrush to a stem cell bank lab.


    • Collecting and mail-ordering a special collection kit.


2. Gather and sterilize the necessary materials

    • For complete teeth, you need to gather clean, dry and sterile materials in a container. A lid should be added afterwards.


    • The material collection kit that is mailed to you will have everything you need.


    • If you’re collecting with a toothbrush, then you’ll need a sterile container for brushing.


3. Collect the baby teeth

    • Wait for the baby’s tooth to come out without interfering with the natural process.


    • If the tooth comes out in one piece, sterilize it with a saltwater solution and place it in the clean container.


    • For teeth that are broken or fragmented, collect the pieces with a toothbrush.


4. Send the collected sample to a reputable stem cell bank

    • Mail the sample in the container provided to a stem cell storage facility.


    • In case you are sending a sterile brush sample, carefully take apart the toothbrush and place the bristles into the container.


    • Follow the instructions of the stem cell bank to properly process the sample.




Saving baby teeth for stem cell banking is a simple process that can be done from home. After gathering the necessary materials, it is just a matter of being patient and waiting for the natural process to take its course. Once collected, the baby tooth should be immediately sent to a reliable stem cell bank to begin the preservation process.