how to set time on baby g watch


How to Set Time on a Baby G Watch

A Baby G watch is a type of analog digital watch designed by Casio. If you recently purchased a Baby G watch, you may be looking for instructions on how to set the time. Fortunately, the process is very simple and requires very little time.

Steps for Setting Time on a Baby G Watch

1. Locate the Mode button.

The Mode button can usually be found on the remote side of the watch face adjacent to the 2 o’clock position. Once located, press and hold the button for a few seconds until the timekeeping screen appears.

2. Adjust the time.

While in the timekeeping mode, use the upper and lower right-hand buttons to set the correct hour and minutes. Once completed, press the Mode button to exit the timekeeping screen.

3. Set the Date/Day.

To access the date-setting mode, press the Mode button until the tab with the date/day of the week appears. Use the same upper and lower right-hand buttons to adjust the date/day setting. Once the correct setting has been chosen, press the Mode button again to exit the date mode.

4. Set Your Alarms.

Press the lower left-hand button until the “Set Alarm” tab appears. Press the lower right-hand button for the alarm tab. Next, push the upper right-hand button and use the lower right-hand button to adjust the hour and minutes. After setting the time, press the lower left-hand button to exit the alarm tab.

5. Finishing Up.

Once you have set the time, date, and alarms, your watch is good to go!

Useful Tips:

  • Never pull or press the crown during time setting. Doing so may accidentally change some of the settings.
  • Reference the user manual. It may contain more detailed information on how to use the specific functions of your watch.