how to shift motorcycle gears


How to Shift Motorcycle Gears

Shifting gears on a motorcycle is an important skill required of any motorcycle rider. It’s done in order to help the rider maintain control when riding their bike and keep their engine running efficiently. Knowing how to shift gears properly on a motorcycle is an easy skill to learn, and just takes some practice.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Engage the clutch

  • Before shifting, the rider must first depress the clutch lever with their left hand, interrupting the connection between the engine and the drivetrain.

2. Step on the gear shift

  • Once the clutch lever is engaged, the rider’s right foot should press down firmly on the gear shift with the heel of the foot.

3. Select the intended gear

  • As your foot moves, the rider should think through the gears they are moving through, either up or down, depending on the direction they intend to turn.

4. Release the lever

  • Once the intended gear is selected, the clutch lever should be slowly released in a fluid motion.

5. Accelerate

  • The rider can now accelerate the motorcycle to their desired speed.


Now that you are familiar with the process of shifting motorcycle gears, it will become second nature for you. All this practice will make you and experienced rider in no time at all. Just remember to keep your cool and remain alert. Happy riding!