how to sit baby in boppy


How to Sit Baby in Boppy

Setting up your Boppy has many benefits and can be an important part of the development of your baby. Placing your baby correctly in this special chair helps them to reach the optimal sitting position and gives them a secure place to practice their head and neck control.


To start, you’ll need to:

  • Gather and lay out all of the parts for assembly
  • Read through the instructions
  • Get the area you’ll be using prepared

Putting the Boppy Together

Assemble the Boppy Lounger according to the instructions provided. Make sure you attach all components securely, snapping and zipping them in place. Once done, test the placement to make sure it’s secure for your baby, especially if using the tummy time pillow or head and neck support.

Positioning Your Baby in the Boppy

When ready, place your baby securely in the Boppy. Make sure they are in the infant seat, not the tummy time pillow. Position your baby such that their bottom is seated firmly in the center and their thighs are higher than their tummy. Place the straps around both their waist and chest until secure, with their torso positioned in the center of the seat.

In this position, they should be supported very well, allowing them to freely lift their head and look around. Feel free to add the tummy time pillow and head and neck support pillows for extra comfort and security.

Supervising Your Baby

Remember that the Boppy is not a substitute for adult supervision. Always keep an eye on your baby as they move about or even take a nap in the Boppy.


Setting up your Boppy and positioning your baby correctly can be a beneficial part of their development. When done correctly, your baby should have a safe and secure place to practice their head and neck control and develop those important muscles. Once prepared, simply snap, zip and adjust the Boppy according to instructions. Finally, remember to always supervise your baby while they are in the Boppy.

Happy parenting!