how to size catchers gear


How To Size Catchers Gear

Are you looking to buy catchers gear but unsure on what size to purchase? Well fret no more because in this article we will be discussing ways that you can measure yourself for the most accurate size to get.

Things You’ll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper

Steps To Find The Correct Size For You

  1. Measure chest size and transfer the measurements to a sheet of paper. Make sure to note if you have rounded up or down when transferring the measurement.
  2. Measure lowest area of waist and round the measurements to the nearest inch.
  3. Measure from the center top of shoulder to the bottom middle of chest and round measurements to the nearest inch.
  4. Refer to the following size chart to determine the size of catchers gear that is most suitable.

Size Chart

  • X-Small: Chest = 30-31, Waist = 24-25, Length = 24-25
  • Small: Chest = 32-33, Waist = 26-27, Length = 26-27
  • Medium: Chest = 34-35, Waist = 28-29, Length = 28-29
  • Large: Chest = 36-37, Waist = 30-31, Length = 30-31
  • X-Large: Chest = 38-39, Waist = 32-33, Length = 32-33
  • 2X-Large: Chest = 40-41, Waist = 34-35, Length = 34-35

Keep in mind that most catchers gear fits snug to ensure maximum protection. If measurements tend to run a bit larger you may benefit from increasing the size. If measurements are right on, a slightly smaller size might be a better option as it will be held in place better.

So there you have it, some easy steps to measure for the correct size catchers gear. Get out your measuring tape and get started!