how to sleep with tape in extensions


How to Sleep with Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions provide an easy way to temporarily enhance your look with added length and volume. While these extensions provide a long lasting solution, it’s important to take care of them so they remain in good condition and last longer. Because a good night’s rest is essential, here are some tips on how to sleep with tape in extensions.

1. Keep Extensions Tied Back

The key to keeping your hair extensions secure is to keep them tied back while you sleep. Tie your hair in either a loose ponytail or braid to keep your hair extensions in place and prevent any damage caused by being tangled on your pillow. It’s also good to avoid using rubber bands as they can cause friction which can lead to tangling and breakage.

2. Wear a Sleep Cap/ Scarf

To protect your hair extensions, it’s a good idea to wear a sleep cap or scarf. This helps keep your hair extensions from tangling or moving around while you sleep and also prevents any buildup of dirt and oils.

3. Avoid Heavy Oils and Creams

Avoid extra heavy oils and creams when wearing hair extensions. When sleeping with extensions, these products can cause buildup on the tape, leading to breakage. Instead opt for mild products such as a leave in serum conditioner.

4. Avoid Sleeping on the Same Side

In order to avoid any kinks forming in you hair extensions, it’s best to avoid sleeping on the same side. This can help prevent any additional wear and tear on the hair/tape bonds.

5. Take Time to Unravel Your Hair

When you wake up, make sure to take a few moments to unravel your hair. This will ensure that it’s free from any kinks or tangles and that the bonds are still in place. You can use a large comb or a detangling brush to gently brush through your hair and make sure everything is styled as before.