how to stop baby boy from peeing through diaper



How To Stop Baby Boys from Peeing Through Diaper

Every parent wants their baby to feel clean and dry no matter how active he is. Sadly, baby boys can be notoriously prone to peeing through their diaper. Here are a few tips that you can use to help prevent your baby boy from peeing through his diaper:

Buy Diapers for Boys

Most stores offer diapers specifically designed for boys and girls which have the right absorbency and fit for the anatomy of each. Look for diapers that are designed to provide maximum protection against leaks and peeing through the diaper.

Fit the Diaper Properly

If the diaper is correctly adjusted, it will reduce the chances of pee leaking. To determine the right fit, make sure the waistband is snug, but not too tight. Also, check that the legs are not bunched up and that the diaper isn’t too low in the back.

Change the Diaper Frequently

Diapers can become saturated and quickly become ineffective, which increases the chances of a leak. Make sure to check your baby’s diaper frequently, especially after they eat, and change it as soon as it feels wet.

Extra Protection

You can also purchase additional protection, such as a plastic pant or diaper cover, to reduce the chance of leaks. Make sure to buy the right size and adjust it to the waist and crotch for a snug fit.

Use Containment Techniques

If your baby likes to kick and move around a lot, try laying down a waterproof absorbent mattress or pad during diaper changes. This will help to contain any mess your baby may make.

Potty Train Early

Finally, it may be time to start potty-training your baby. Potty-training early can help you avoid the mess, embarrassment and extra costs associated with diapers.

By following these tips, your baby boy should be able to stay dry and look stylish. Not only that, but you may just save yourself some stress and mess, too!