how to stop baby clicking when bottle feeding



How to stop Baby Clicking when Bottle Feeding

Newborns have a tendency to click their tongue when taking a bottle. Fortunately, this behavior can be stopped with a few simple techniques. Here is how to stop baby clicking when bottle feeding.

1. Feed Your Baby in a Calm Environment

Create a calm environment while bottle-feeding. For example, turn off the television and be sure to talk in a soothing voice. Clicking is often a sign that your baby is becoming overstimulated.

2. Provide a Smooth Bottle Flow

Make sure that the flow of milk is steady and not too fast. If it’s too fast, your baby will likely start to click as they try to swallow the milk.

3. Use a No-Colic Bottle

There are several types of bottles on the market specifically designed to prevent colic, reduce gassiness, and slow down the flow of the milk. Consider trying one of these no-colic bottles for your baby.

4. Move the Bottle

If your baby begins to click while feeding, try moving the bottle gently in circular motions to help stimulate their swallowing reflex.

5. Try a Different Bottle

If your baby’s clicking persists, try a different type of bottle. Some babies prefer wide-neck bottles, angled bottles, or drop-in bottles. Experiment with a few different options until you find one that your baby likes.

6. Intervene if Necessary

If your baby begins to choke, stop feeding and help your baby regain their breath. Then, take some time before trying to feed again. You may also want to check with your pediatrician if this clicking persists.


In conclusion, with a few simple techniques and guidance from your pediatrician, you can stop your baby’s clicking when taking a bottle. Create a calm environment and use a no-colic bottle, move the bottle in circular motions, experiment with different types of bottles, and intervene immediately if necessary. With some trial and error, you and your baby can get through this phase.