how to stop baby from throwing food


How to Stop a Baby from Throwing Food

Babies are naturally curious and playful, and this often involves throwing food! While it can seem like a harmless activity, it’s important to address this behavior in order to keep babies safe, prevent messes, and keep mealtimes enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to stop a baby from throwing food:

1. Establish Clear Boundaries

The first step in stopping a baby from throwing food is to set clear boundaries. Explain to your baby the difference between throwing and gently placing food on the tray or table. Explain that throwing is not OK and is not allowed. Be firm, gentle, and consistent with your rules.

2. Distract the Baby

Another useful tactic to stop a baby from throwing food is to create a distraction with a different activity. Try giving the baby a different toy or another item to play with. When the baby is distracted, they are less likely to throw the food.

3. Reduce the Mess

To make it easier to address any messes and keep the baby and their environment clean, use a tray or tablecloth to catch the food. This will make it easier to clean up after meals and prevent messes from becoming more difficult to manage.

4. Don’t scold or punish

It can be easy to become frustrated when your baby throws food, but it’s important to keep calm and patient. Yelling or scolding your baby will not help and can negatively affect the way the baby views mealtime. Instead, kindly and calmly redirect the baby to different activities.

5. Play with the Food

An effective way to prevent throwing food is to create a game out of the mealtime. Instead of just telling the baby to sit and eat, let them explore the shapes and textures of the food. This will engage them in the task and help prevent any disruptions or throwing of food.


Stopping a baby from throwing food takes time and patience, but it is possible. The key is to set clear boundaries, distract the baby, reduce messes, avoid scolding or punishing, and make mealtime enjoyable. With these tips, you can help your baby understand that throwing food is not acceptable behavior.