how to survive sleeping with the emperor


How to Survive Sleeping With the Emperor

The emperor is a powerful and influential figure, one that commands respect and fear. In some cases, you might be asked or required to sleep in the same bed as the emperor, and this can be an intimidating experience. Here is some advice on how to survive sleeping with the emperor.

1. Respect their Needs

Before you are to sleep in the same bed as the emperor, it is important to consider their needs and respect them. The emperor is likely to have very different sleeping habits than you, so pay attention to their preferences. They might expect you to stay perfectly still, stay quiet, or keep your distance. Show your deference by doing as they expect.

2. Remain Alert

The emperor is surrounded by multiple bodyguards, and would likely not allow anyone to sleep in the same bed as themselves unless they could trust that individual. However, it is still important that you remain alert. The emperor most likely will have strict security protocols in place to ensure their safety, and they may expect you to help adhere to these measures.

3. Follow Protocols

When sleeping with the emperor, you will be expected to know and obey all protocols and etiquette expected of a royal courtier. This includes protocol for when to speak and when to remain quiet, how to address the emperor, how to address the emperor’s retinue, and other expectations.

4. Find Comfort

Finally, it is important to remain comfortable while sleeping with the emperor. Make sure the bedding is comfortable and that your environment is conducive to a restful sleep. You might also want to bring items that make you feel safe and secure, such as a teddy bear or a blanket.

By following these steps, you can ensure a safe and comfortable experience when sleeping with the emperor. Most importantly, respect the emperor’s needs and follow all protocols. With some careful planning and consideration, you can survive sleeping with the emperor.