how to sync gear s2 with iphone


How to Synchronize Your Gear S2 with your iPhone

Are you an iPhone user and looking to synchronize your newly acquired Gear S2? Well, this article has got you covered! Synchronizing your Gear S2 to your iPhone is a very simple process–just follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way.

Things You Will Need:

  • Gear S2
  • iPhone
  • WiFi connection
  • Samsung Gear App
    • Instructions:

      1. Install the Samsung Gear App on your iPhone: To synchronize your Gear S2 with your iPhone, you will need the Samsung Gear app. To install it, go to the Apple App Store and search for “Samsung Gear”. Download and install the app.
      2. Open the Gear App: Open the Gear app on your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Gear S2. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network.
      3. Pair the Gear S2: Once the Gear app is open, it will search for your Gear S2. Tap the “Connect to Gear” button in the app to start the pairing process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and sync your Gear S2 with your iPhone.
      4. Configure the Gear S2: Once the pairing process is complete, you will be able to configure the settings of your Gear S2 in the Gear app. You can choose which apps you want to show on your Gear S2 and customize the Watch Face as desired.

      And there you have it! You have now successfully synchronized your Gear S2 to your iPhone. Enjoy all the features of your Gear S2 paired with your iPhone!