how to tell if a baby is yours by looks


How to Tell if a Baby is Yours by Looking

Knowing for sure that a baby is yours is a difficult process without a paternity test. However, there are several physical and behavioural traits that could help you make the determination and lend themselves to discernment.


  • Eyes: Many babies have a distinctive eye colour that can be used as a marker. If the baby’s eyes closely resemble yours, there is a good chance the baby is yours.
  • Hair: Like eyes, the baby’s hair can also tell you some information. Many parents feel close to their children and pass on some of the unique characteristics of their own hair to their baby. This can include colour, texture, curl, and more.
  • Features: It is a common phenomenon for infants to have similar features as their parents. If the baby has similar cheeks, lips, eyes, or jawline characteristics as yours, this could be an indication that the baby is yours.
  • Height/Weight: Genetics plays a huge role in the development of a baby and their parents. If the baby’s height and weight during key stages of development (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months etc.) align closely with yours, you have a strong indication that the baby is yours.


Aside from physical traits, a baby’s behaviour can also be indicative of their parentage. Some of these behaviours include:

  • Familiarity: If you feel a strong connection with the baby, or they appear to respond to you with recognition, you will have a good indication of the baby being yours.
  • Voice: Everyone has a unique voice that resonates with individuals. You can tell if a baby is more familiar to you by their responses to your voice and how they respond to their mother’s voice.
  • General Demeanour: Does the baby feel strange when you are around or do they have a seemingly familiar connection with you? This can be an indication of the baby being yours.

While physical and behavioural traits can be great indicators of your parentage, the only way to be sure is through a paternity test.