how to thicken baby food


How to Thicken Baby Food

As your baby begins to wean off of formula or breastmilk, it’s time to start introducing meals. Many mothers wonder how to thicken baby food, as there is a world of recipes and ingredients that can make the transition from liquid to solid food a smooth and enjoyable process for your child.

Things You’ll Need

  • Baby food of your choice
  • Thickening ingredients such as mashed potatoes, banana, or avocado
  • Spoon
  • Bowl or container


  1. Choose a baby food. Depending on your baby’s age, you will need to decide between purees, jarred foods, or finger foods. Purees are generally for babies 4 months old and younger and should be thin enough to go through nipple of a bottle. You can find homemade or store-bought purees.
  2. Choose your thickening ingredients. This is the exciting part! You can choose from thickening ingredients like mashed potatoes, banana, avocado, oats, yogurt or oat cereal.
  3. Mix your chosen ingredients. Place your chosen puree from Step 1 and thickening ingredient from Step 2 into a bowl or container. Mix them together until they are at the desired consistency for your baby.
  4. Serve the baby food. Using a spoon, serve the now-thickened baby food to your baby. Enjoy watching them savor their creation!