how to thicken baby formula without cereal


How to Thicken Baby Formula Without Cereal

It is very common for pediatricians or parents to recommend thickening baby formula for babies with reflux. There are several ways to do this without adding cereal, which can lead to excessive constipation among other issues.

Here are some methods to thicken your baby’s formula without cereal:

  • Add More Formula Powder: One of the most common ways to thicken your baby’s formula is by adding more formula powder. Simply add an extra one-fourth of a scoop more to the formula before you mix it. This should lead to a slightly thicker consistency without causing any issues.
  • Use Rice Starch: Rice starch is an incredibly easy and common method to thicken your baby’s formula. Simply add a teaspoon of the powder to your formula and stir it carefully. This should thicken the formula significantly and prevent any major complications from happening.
  • Use Veggie Purees: You can also thicken your little one’s formula with pureed vegetables. The vegetables that work the best are carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. Start by pureeing the vegetables and then mix them with your baby’s formula. This will thicken their formula and provide your baby with the nutrition they need.
  • Thicken the Formula with Formula Milk Powder: Another easy option is to thicken your baby’s formula with formula milk powder. Start by replacing the water with the formula milk powder, then add some of the formula in powdered form and stir the mixture until it’s thick enough. This trick should provide your baby with the nutrition they need without any complications.

There are many ways to thickening your baby’s formula without cereal. So, as long as you’re using one of these options, you should be able to thicken your baby’s formula safely and effectively.