how to transition baby from puree to table food



Introducing Table Foods

Introducing your baby to table foods is an exciting but daunting experience. You have been giving baby purees and it is time to move on to more textured and fun-filled solid foods for them to explore. Transitioning from purees to table foods will be tricky but with a few guidelines we can easily help you make this important milestone a success.

When to Transition?

Table foods should not be introduced before baby can eat pureed foods from a spoon. This is usually around the age of 6 months. When baby is capable of:

    • Sitting Up – before introducing table foods, baby should be able to sit upright in a high-chair


    • Stabilizing Their Head – while in the high-chair they should be able to hold their head steady and upright


    • Chewing and Swallowing – to ensure baby can safely handle more textured foods, they should first master the art of chewing and swallowing


Once you’ve determined your child is ready, keep these tips in mind to make the transition easier:

Taking it One Step at a Time

It is important to take things slowly when introducing new foods. Start off by giving baby just small amounts of chopped up table foods and pureed food at the same time. This will help them become used to texture of the table food and get used to different tastes.

Be Present

Be with baby during meal time. Let them watch you eat and enjoy your food. This will help them manage their emotions when it comes to trying new foods.

Mix it Up

Mix small amounts of table foods with the purees they are used to. By mixing the two together, the flavors become more comforting and inviting to baby.

Don’t Worry About Messes

Having a messy high-chair is just another part of transitioning baby to table foods. Babies have a natural curiosity and will explore their food by touching, smelling and tasting. Let them make a mess and don’t get frustrated when it happens. It is part of their learning process.


Transitioning from purees to table foods is an exciting milestone in baby’s life. With patience and a few key tips, you can make this process easier. Remember to take things one step at a time, always be present during meal time, mix it up and don’t worry about the messes. With these guidelines, you can help baby make a successful transition to table foods.