how to upgrade mythic gear


How to Upgrade Mythic Gear

The Mythic Gear is an important part in any character’s progress and evolution. Getting the best gear and upgrading it to its highest level to meet the needs of your character can be quite challenging, especially when you don’t have the necessary knowledge and tips.

Steps to Upgrade Mythic Gear:

  1. Be sure to collect as much information as possible about the type of Mythic Gear you are interested in. Make sure you know all the available upgrades, how to get them and how to apply them.
  2. Purchase your Mythic Gear and any required materials for your upgrades.
  3. Complete the required level of Adventure or Arena to be able to equip your Mythic Gear.
  4. Go to the Forge and verify the materials you need for the upgrades. Equip any additional materials available in your inventory and confirm the upgrade.
  5. Choose the appropriate Mythic Gear set, based on the gear and material upgrades you applied.
  6. Max out each set to get the full benefit of the Mythic Gear.

Tips to make the most out of your Mythic Gear:

  • Practice on upgrading your Mythic Gear during lower-level adventures or rounds, as you won’t need to use expensive materials or have a higher Character Level to equip the upgraded gear.
  • Always remember to check for the best possible bonuses of each mythic gear set.
  • Equip your Mythic Gear with the best bonuses to increase your stats.
  • Try to use material that is cheaper and more available, making the most out of your resources.

Upgrading your Mythic Gear can be a tedious but rewarding process. With the right knowledge, materials and effort, you can unlock the true potential of your character and get the maximum benefit from your Mythic Gear.