how to use pulse oximeter on baby


Using a Pulse Oximeter on a Baby

A pulse oximeter is a medical device used to measure oxygen levels and pulse rate in the body. It is especially useful for checking oxygen saturation levels on babies and other patients with oxygen deficiencies. This article is a guide on how to use a pulse oximeter on a baby.

Things You’ll Need

  • Pulse oximeter
  • Several clips with sensors
  • Adhesive tape


  • Check the battery of the pulse oximeter and make sure it has a full charge.
  • Attach a clip to the baby’s finger. It is important to choose the appropriate size for the baby to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Secure the clip to the baby’s finger with adhesive tape to ensure a good connection.
  • Turn on the pulse oximeter. Once the device is powered on, it will display the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate of the baby.
  • Allow the device to read the oxygen levels and pulse rate of the baby for a few minutes while it takes in the values.
  • After a few minutes, check the readings on the screen of the pulse oximeter. It should be in the accepted range.
  • If the readings are not in the accepted range, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Turn off the pulse oximeter and remove the clip from the baby’s finger.


  • Always use the same clip to take readings from the same baby. Reusing the same clip helps to get more accurate results.
  • Be sure to clean the clip before each use.
  • Follow all instructions given by the doctor for using the pulse oximeter properly.