Imogen’s Baby Daddy Drama: Is Chip the Father?


Imogen had always been sure that Chip was the father of her child. After all, they had been in a stable relationship for more than a year. However, doubts started to creep in when Imogen’s due date was approaching.
Would their relationship be able to survive if Chip wasn’t the father?
She decided to take a paternity test to put the speculation to rest.


Imogen had been dating Chip for more than a year before they found out Imogen was pregnant. Though they had their ups and downs, their relationship was relatively stable.
When Imogen found out she was pregnant, both she and Chip were overjoyed. Plans were made, and the future looked bright for the young couple.
However, as time wore on, Imogen began to feel anxious. She had heard of instances where the father of a baby was not who it was thought to be, and she couldn’t shake off the nagging feeling herself.

The Paternity Test

After speaking with her doctor, Imogen decided to have a paternity test done. This kind of test is quick, easy, and non-invasive. It’s also very accurate, with a probability of 99% or more of determining the real father.
Imogen had to wait a few days for the results to come in, but the test was worth the wait.

The Results

The results of the paternity test were conclusive: Chip was not the father of Imogen’s child.
Imogen wasn’t sure how to take the news at first, and she wept when she got the results.
Upon further reflection, Imogen was able to accept the results and started to make new plans.


Chip was also initially upset when Imogen told him the results. They had both been so sure that he was the father. However, he eventually came around to the idea that someone else might be in the picture.
Imogen and Chip’s relationship changed after the paternity test, but they remained close. They even shared the care of the baby.


Imogen’s story is a reminder that not everything is as it seems. While she and Chip were both surprised at the results of the paternity test, they found ways to coexist and respect each other’s feelings.
The most important thing for Imogen was to know the truth about who the father of her child was, even though the truth wasn’t what she had expected.