is 32 weeks too early to wash baby clothes


Should You Wash Baby Clothes at 32 Weeks?

It’s natural for new parents to worry about the small day-to-day decisions when it comes to caring for their newborn baby – and one of those decisions is when to start washing their baby’s clothes. So, is 32 weeks too early to wash baby clothes?

Babies Don’t Need Clothes for the First Few Weeks

Newborn babies don’t need any clothes for the first few weeks – or even for the first few months in some cases. During this time, they will need to be kept warm using swaddling blankets or sleeping bags and simple cotton tops, and keeping their skin clean is usually enough to keep them feeling comfortable.

When to Start Washing Baby Clothes

It is generally recommended to start washing baby clothes at around 8 weeks old when introducing them to more clothing items. Washing baby clothes before then is usually not necessary, and parents should also consider the following points.

  • Carefully consider the fabric and fabric care instructions – these are usually present on the label and will show whether the garment is meant to be washed before use and what type of detergent is best for the fabric.
  • Check for any loose threads – these should be snipped away with a pair of scissors, or the garment should be returned to the manufacturer.
  • Soak new garments in water with vinegar or bicarbonate of soda – this is thought to help the clothes come out of the drying process much softer and also a little bit brighter.


In conclusion, it is generally not recommended to wash baby clothes at 32 weeks. Babies don’t need clothes for the first few weeks, and it is best to wait until 8 weeks old when introducing them to more clothing items, and then make sure you look closely at the fabric and other details before washing.