is applesauce good for babies



Is Applesauce Good for Babies?

Babies need nutrient-rich food to help them grow and develop, but sometimes it can be difficult to get infants to enjoy certain types of food. Applesauce is a convenient and healthy food that babies may enjoy, but is it suitable for them?

Nutrients in Applesauce

Applesauce contains a number of useful nutrients that may help boost babies’ growth and development, including:

    • Vitamins C and A


    • Complex carbohydrates


    • Iron


    • Potassium


Moreover, applesauce contains no added sugars, so it may reduce the risk of tooth decay and obesity.

How to Introduce Applesauce to Babies

Experts recommend introducing solid foods to babies between 4 and 6 months of age. At this age, their digestive and immune systems may be mature enough to handle solid foods.

Before trying to ensure that the applesauce is smooth and runny more than thicker and more textured. Applesauce can be served alone or may be combined with other soft fruits and vegetables as part of a combination puree. Babies should be watched carefully during feeding, as some of the pieces may cause them to choke.

When to Serve Applesauce

Although babies may begin trying solid foods at 4 or 6 months of age, applesauce can be introduced later than this. Aim to introduce it by the time a baby is 8 months old, and make sure that the applesauce is suitably smooth and runny.


Applesauce provides a nutrient-rich food option for babies, and can make an excellent addition to their diets. Before serving applesauce, it is important to check that it is smooth and runny, and can be served alone or in combination with other fruits and vegetables. Introducing applesauce around the time a baby reaches 8 months old is usually the best option.