is baby miss america legit



Is Baby Miss America Legit?

Baby Miss America is an online pageant that was introduced in 2018, which aims to provide an opportunity for young girls to compete in pageantry from the comfort of their own home. But is Baby Miss America legitimate?

Competition Rules

Baby Miss America is described as a competition for kids aged between 5-13 years. However, the rules for the competition are not very clear yet. So it is difficult to determine whether it is legitimate or not.

Website And Social Media Presence

Baby Miss America has an active website and social media presence. On their website, they have listed their rules and regulations and there is information about how to register and how to prepare for the competition. They also have a Facebook page and YouTube channel with videos of previous winners. This shows that they are actively promoting the competition, but it is still unclear whether the rules and regulations are being followed properly.

Judging Process & Results

Another issue that may cast doubt on the legitimacy of Baby Miss America is the judging process. It appears that the judging is done remotely, which may make it more difficult to ensure that qualified judges are assessing the contestants.

Moreover, the results of the competition are not immediately announced. This may cause skepticism about whether the competition is truly legit.


In conclusion, it is difficult to determine whether Baby Miss America is legitimate or not. The competition rules are not very clear and the judging process is not transparent. Furthermore, the results are not announced immediately, which may make the competition seem less legit. It is important to research further before deciding to participate in the competition.

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