is clipboard health legit


Is Clipboard Health Legit?

Clipboard Health is a healthcare staffing and recruiting platform based in the United States. Since its launch in 2016, Clipboard Health has been gaining popularity and has been widely recognized for its ease of use and competitive rates for healthcare professionals. But is Clipboard Health really the right choice for healthcare professionals?

Services and Benefits

Clipboard Health provides healthcare professionals with a suite of services designed to help them get more work and increase their earnings. It provides a platform to list medical skills and qualifications, create a professional profile, search for healthcare job openings and apply for those jobs. It also provides flexibility by allowing medical professionals to work on a permanent or temporary basis, in local or remote locations.

Clipboard Health offers competitive daily pay rates that can help medical professionals earn more for the same job. Healthcare professionals can also access insurance coverage, discounts on medical supplies, and personalized job alerts tailored to their professional experience.

Security and Transparency

Security and transparency are important when considering any healthcare staffing and recruiting platform. Clipboard Health has an extensive onboarding process, making sure that all of its providers and employers are verified and meet the requirements for participation.

Clipboard Health also offers full disclosures for healthcare providers, so they can easily see the rate they will be paid, as well as any hidden fees or requirements. This helps ensure that healthcare professionals are getting the best rates and are being treated fairly.


Clipboard Health is a legitimate provider of healthcare staffing and recruiting services. It gives healthcare professionals the flexibility to work on their own schedule and terms, while providing competitive pay rates and security measures that ensure fair and transparent treatment. Ultimately, Clipboard Health is a great choice for healthcare professionals who want to make the most of their time and earnings.