is gear 5 luffy stronger than naruto


Is Gear 5 Luffy Stronger Than Naruto?

The hotly debated question of whether Gear 5 Luffy of the One Piece series is more powerful than Naruto has been on the minds of fans of both shows for years. So, which of the two characters really is the more powerful one?

Gear 5 Luffy Is More Physically Impressive

When it comes to physical power, Gear 5 Luffy has the clear advantage. The Gear 5 Luffy transformation is said to possess an astronomical level of physical force. This is achieved by multiplying Luffy's already impressive physical power times twenty. The result is a form that is both enormous in size and overwhelmingly strong.

Naruto Possesses Potentially Greater Resilience

Though Gear 5 Luffy may have the clear advantage in terms of physical power, Naruto may actually have the edge in the long run. This is because Naruto's special abilities could potentially mean greater resilience and higher levels of energy in the long run.

Also, Naruto's unique skills, Seal of Reconciliation, and Sage Mode could mean that he could outlast Gear 5 Luffy in a fight.


In conclusion, while Gear 5 Luffy may have an impressive level of physical power, Naruto's special abilities may give him an edge in the long run. It really all boils down to personal preference and the opinion of each fan. Only time will tell which one will come out on top!