is gear anime legit


Is Gear Anime Legit?

Gear Anime is an online retailer that advertises a wide selection of anime figures and other merchandise. But is it really legit?

The Pros

  • Wide Selection:Gear Anime has an incredibly wide selection of products. You can find every type of anime figure imaginable and you have so many options to choose from.
  • Fair Prices:Gear Anime also offers fair prices for their products, allowing customers to get a good deal.
  • Quality Products:Gear Anime ensures that all of their products are of the highest quality by thoroughly inspecting them before shipping. This allows for customers to have products that are in good condition.

The Cons

  • High Shipping Prices:Shipping prices are quite high at Gear Anime, which can be a turnoff for some customers.
  • Long Delivery Times:Delivery times can take quite a long time, with some orders taking months to arrive.

Overall, Gear Anime is a legitimate online retailer with a wide selection of products, fair prices, and high quality merchandise. However, they do have some drawbacks with their high shipping prices and long delivery times. If you’re willing to deal with these issues, Gear Anime is definitely a good option for you.