is it bad for babies to drink cold milk



Is it Bad for Babies to Drink Cold Milk?

Given the importance of milk for babies, many mothers often consider the temperature at which milk should be served for their young ones. It is generally suggested that milk should be served to babies at or around body temperature. Therefore, is it recommended to give a baby cold milk or not?

Reasons to Avoid Cold Milk

The following reasons explain why cold milk should be restricted for babies:

    • Reduces nutritional value: Serving cold milk reduces the nutritional content of milk. Therefore, the baby doesn’t get all the essential nutrients that milk can provide.


    • Improper digestion: It is difficult for babies to digest cold milk properly, due to which the stomach can become upset.


    • Inhibited growth: Cold milk is not easily digested, due to which it can hinder the baby’s growth and development.


What Should Parents Do?

Parents can follow the below-mentioned measures to ensure the safety of their babies while feeding them milk:

    • Choose the right type of milk: Make sure only the best type of milk is given to the baby, preferably one that is fortified with vitamins and minerals.


    • Check the temperature: Warm the milk to body temperature before giving it to the baby, but make sure it is not too hot.


    • Include other elements: Add solid foods such as cereals and pureed fruits to ensure a balanced diet for the baby.


In conclusion, it is always best to serve warm milk to babies rather than cold milk, in order to provide them with adequate nutrition and to help them digest their food.